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ABout Us

Elite Nutrition RVA was established August 2020 as a facet to help us obtain our goals of enriching urban communities. We became a success during the Covid-19 pandemic as we offered a physical and virtual fitness experience to those in need. Through the nationwide quarantine and local mandated shutdowns, we were able to enforce the importance of building one’s health and immunity through nutrition and fitness. As a result, we now have a worldwide audience that we are here to continue to assist with their wellness needs beyond the pandemic.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in the urban communities we serve. Through our philosophy that “We’re in this together”, our fitness programs and our nutritional products, we aim to instill the value of health and fitness in all. We provide a judgement-free zone to those who are at the beginning and intermediate stages of their fitness journey, helping to increase the confidence that will aid them in becoming elite in their own voyage to total wellness.

Bar Babes hosting Elite Nutrition's 2021 Juneteenth Fit Festival

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